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“Resurfacing” is an interactive multi-media installation
Wednesday, January 15th 2014  6:00pm
San Francisco, CA

January 15 – February 21, 2014

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, January 15 / 6:00 pm / Gallery / Donation

With music by AudioPharmacy, poetry by Genny Lim, Lubna Morrar, and GalleryTalks, and much more.

Resurfacing is a multi-media installation mapping the confluence of international reverence for water. Following the flow of water related issues as they wash over the globe, Resurfacing connects international problem-solving strategies and thought provoking art from Palestine to Chiapas to our home in the Bay.

Resurfacing offers a wide range of audio, visual and performative elements from the clean water initiative of Middle East Children’s Alliance in Gaza, to the public art of Estria Foundation's #WaterWrites, to Zapatista Autonomous Communities and the paintings of Nellie King Solomon. The exhibition is supported by weekly events designed to develop and strengthen relationships that ripple beyond the length of the exhibit.

Please join us!

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA



Sponsored By:
Middle East Children's Alliance MAIA Project; Ain Media, Gaza; American Friends Service Committee; Jewish Voice for Peace; CodePink; GlobalExchange; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network; Alliance for Climate Education; Fred Alvarado; Miranda Bergman; Joel Bergner; Boycott Art of Economic Activism; Mona Caron; Culture Jamming; Estria Foundation #Water Writes; EWASH; Connie Fields; Juan Fuentes; Gaza Community Mental Health Programme; Hilary Hacker; Nidal El-Khairy; Jenny Lynn; MAIA Mural Brigade; Nellie King Solomom; Palestine Mural in Oakland Project; Flo Razowsky; Shareef Sarhan; Stop the Jewish National Fund Campaign; Flying Paper; WaterWheel; Zapantera Negra; Dignidade Rebelde; John Greyson