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Drones: a Protest Play
Thursday, August 22nd 2013  7:00pm
New York, NY

A patriotic and utterly sincere drone pilot and his wife are detained by the federal government and held indefinitely in government custody without a conviction or a trial after one of the President’s intelligence advisers intercepts a suspicious message sent over the internet from the pilot’s wife to one of her friends.

This “main” storyline is interrupted occasionally by periodic interstitial scenes highlighting some of the more egregious violations of human rights and civil liberties brought about by the United States’ use of unmanned aircraft in warfare and covert killing operations. Meanwhile, the play attempts to outline some of the contours of today’s new military-industrial complex.

Written by Justin Kuritzkes
Directed by Sam Alper
Dramaturg/Assistant Director: Celine Song
Sound Design: Harrison Adams

Cast: Jeena Yi, Micah Stock, Andrew Zox, John Gordon, Wei Yi Lin, Chris Tyler, Ari Rodriguez.

Brecht Foru
451 West Street
New York, NY


Sam Alper

Sponsored By:
Brecht Forum