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Iraq War Vigil
Friday, August 20th 2010  4 - 5 PM
New Haven, CT

This week we are supporting Bradley Manning, a Private in the military who became a whistleblower to war crimes. Manning has been arrested and placed in jail for his courageous act.

Our War Moratorium Vigil this Friday,August 20, 2010, will call for his release. Like Daniel Ellsberg's releasing the Pentagon Papers 40 years ago, Manning's release of video and the dissemination of subsequent information detailing war crimes and war corruption must be defended.

War Moratorium Friday
4:00 - 5:00 PM
Front of Rosa DeLauro's office
59 Elm St.
Corner Orange

Suggestions for Signs:

War No
Whistleblowing Yes
Defend Bradley Manning

Support Bradley Manning
Not Killing Civilians

Democracy needs Whistleblowers

Bring our Troops and Money Home
From Iraq, Afghanistan

Peace /\ Justice

Henry Lowendorf
New Haven Peace Council

Downtown New Haven, CT
59 Elm Street
New Haven, CT


Dori Ahern or Henry Lowendorf

203 389-9547

Sponsored By:
Greater New Haven Peace Council PO Box 3105 New Haven, CT 06515-0205 203-389-9547 meeting 2nd & 4th Tuesday, r.s.v.p.