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Weekly Vigil for Peace and Justice
Wednesday, June 10th 2009  5- 6PM
Charlotte, NC

Starting on Valentine's Day, 2006, CODEPINK Charlotte has had a weekly vigil for Peace and Justice in various locations around the city. We have a Honk for Peace sign, a sign that gives the current death toll of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a variety of other messages on signs and banners that we hold, stick in the ground, and wear. We pass out informational fliers to passing motorists and pedestrians - downloaded from the CODEPINK and other progressive websites.
You can bring your own sign or use one provided by the group. We would love to see a lot more people coming out to this vigil. We are planning some different types of events - speakers, movies, pot lucks etc. We welcome new people and people who used to come out but haven't been out lately. Drums, wind instruments and guitars would be great!
We are non-violent. We do not yell or argue. We smile, wave, sing, dance and live what we want to see in the world.

Near the Hawthorne Recreation Center and Independence Park, in the Elizabeth Neighborhood.
Hawthorne Lane and 7th Street
Charlotte, NC


Elaine Cahn - Local Codepink Coordinator

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CODEPINK Charlotte